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Lilbits: Windows Terminal to become default command prompt for Win11 (plus jailbreaking the PS4, using older Chromebooks and more)

For the most part you can use Windows without ever typing into the command line. That’s one of the key things that set Windows apart from its predecessor, MS-DOS. But power users may still find themselves firing up command line utilities like the Windows Command Prompt, Microsoft PowerShell, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux from […]

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Now you can set Windows Terminal as the default terminal

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal app is a utility that brings all of the different command line tools available for Windows into one space, while also providing plenty of extra features for power users. But up until now you’ve had to launch Windows Terminal first and then use it to open Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Windows Subsystem […]

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This handheld Linux terminal is made from discontinued classroom hardware

The Smart Response XE is a simple handheld device that was designed for use in classroom settings (teachers could send questions to students over a local wireless network and then collect responses). It was discontinued years ago, but hardware and software hackers have been picking up user devices on eBay and finding new uses for […]