Microsoft updates Windows Terminal, Windows Package Manager, and Windows Subsystem for Linux

During Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference, the company is highlighting new features aimed at developers, including updates to some of the geekier features the company has added to Windows in recent years. The latest version of the Windows Terminal app can be opened from any screen in Windows by using a keyboard shortcut. Version 1.0 of […]

Raspberry Pi CM4-powered reTerminal is a versatile, modular device with a 5 inch 720p touchscreen display

Seeed Studio’s new reTerminal is an embedded Linux device with a 5 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel IPS LCD touchscreen display, the beating heart of a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Expected to go up for pre-order at the end of April, the reTerminal has a list price of $195, but you can register to be […]

Now you can uninstall apps with Windows Package Manager (command-line tools)

Last year Microsoft introduced a preview of Windows Package Manager, a utility that lets you install Windows applications from a command prompt. Basically it’s the Windows equivalent of the apt, yum, or pacman tools used by GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora, and Arch. But the Windows Package Manager is still very much a work in […]

Lilbits: Linux on Apple Silicon and the uncertain future of the LG Rollable smartphone

Apple launched the first Macs with Apple Silicon a few months ago, delivering a big boost in performance while also reducing power consumption. One downside of Apple’s switch from Intel processors to its own ARM-based custom chips though, is that you can no longer easily install Windows alongside macOS using Boot Camp, and for a […]

Sxmo brings a simple Unix-inspired UI to the PinePhone

While Android and iOS dominate the smartphone space these days, there are multiple projects underway to create free and open source, Linux-based operating systems. For the most part, developers have focused on making touch-friendly operating systems that resemble Android and iOS in some ways. But Sxmo is a new project that makes a Linux smartphone […]

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal 1.0 and PowerToys 0.18

The Windows Terminal app is exiting beta, almost a year after the first public preview was released. The all-in-one command line tool for Windows provides a new way to interact with the Windows command prompt, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Windows Powershell. With features including support for rich text, tabs, and themes, styles, and and […]

Windows Terminal v0.10 brings mouse and split-screen improvements

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal app is less than a year old, and it’s still more of a public preview than a fully functional replacement for other Windows command line tools. But it keeps inching closer. The latest release is out today, and Windows Terminal v0.10 brings a bunch of bug fixes and a handful of new features. […]

Windows Terminal Preview v.07 picks up support for panes (view two terminals side-by-side)

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is designed to be a modern replacement for all of the various command line tools baked into Windows. The first preview was released in June with support for tabs, support for themes, custom configurations, and Unicode and UTF-8 character support. Since then, Microsoft has kept plugging away at the app, and now […]

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal preview (with tabs, GPU acceleration, and more)

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal app is here… or at least a public preview is. First announced in May, the new app provides a bunch of features that Microsoft’s earlier command line tools lacked. It also brings all those command line tools together in one place: you can use Windows Terminal to interact with the Windows […]

Chromebooks may get native support for (some) Linux apps via Crostini

Want to run a full-fledged GNU/Linux desktop environment on a Chromebook? While it’s possible to replace Chrome OS entirely, the simplest method is to run Ubuntu or another Linux distro alongside Chrome OS by enabling developer mode and using Crouton. But soon you may be able to run some native Linux software without enabling developer mode (and without […]