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Blade Box is a Chinese game console that runs Windows 10

Chinese software company Tencent is working with chip maker Intel on a new game console platform called the TGP Box (Tencent Games Platform). The first model is a system manufactured by Haier called the Blade Box, and while it looks like a game console, it’s  basically a Windows 10-powered computer with an Intel Skylake processor. […]

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Lilbits (11-19-2013): Nexus accessories

Google’s been selling the Nexus 5 smartphone for weeks, but if you’ve wanted a little extra protection for your phone you’ve had to rely on third-party covers and cases. Now the official Nexus 5 Bumper is available from the Google Play Store. The company is also now selling a wireless charging pad that works with […]

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Chinese companies offer up to 10TB of free cloud storage, laugh at Dropbox, Google Drive

Companies including Dropbox, Box, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have been offering users anywhere from 2GB to 25GB of free cloud storage for the past few years. You can use that space to store your music, movies, documents, or other files and access them on any PC or mobile device — and if you happen to […]