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NVIDIA’s next quad-core chip could be 6x faster than Tegra 3

NVIDIA’s next-generation Tegra chip for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is due out in 2013. While the chip maker hasn’t said much about the new processor, code-named “Wayne,” the folks at Chip Hell came across a leaked product slide which may spill a few details. The Wayne processor is said to feature 4-plus-1 processor […]

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Malata introduces 10, 12 inch notebooks with NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips

Chinese PC maker has unveiled two new laptop computers which will eschew the usual Intel or AMD processor for an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core ARM Cortex-A9 chip. The company isn’t showing off the actual laptops yet, but Charbax spotted spec sheets at a trade show in China. The Malata PC-B1002 is a 10 inch […]

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Toradex introduces NVIDIA Tegra 2 module on a RAM-sized stick

If you took one look at the picture above and figured you were looking at a stick of laptop memory, I wouldn’t blame you. The new system from Toradex certainly looks like RAM SODIMM. But it’s actually a fully functional computer with an NVIDIA Tegra graphcis processor and a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9-based dual core […]

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3D games demoed on Tegra 2 tablets – Video

NVIDIA’s Tegra platform combines a low power ARM-based chip with NVIDIA graphics to enable HD video playback and 3D acceleration on low power tablets, smartbooks, portable media players, and other devices. I got a chance to check a few demo units out at CES in January, and they really do seem to be able to […]

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NVIDIA unveils Tegra 2 platform for tablets, smartbooks, and more

NVIDIA has announced the next next generation of its Tegra platform that bundles a low power ARM-based CPU with high performance NVIDIA graphics. The new version will consume less energy than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset while providing 1080p HD video playback capabilities. The processor is an ARM Cortex A9 chip that runs up to 1GHz. Tegra 2 […]

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Inventec Rainbow: NVIDIA Tegra-powered laptop

NVIDIA is showing off another Tegra-powered mini-laptop in Taiwan. The company showcased a number of laptops built around the platform, which bundles a low power ARM-based processor with NVIDIA graphics at Computex in June. At the time, the model that was getting the most attention was the Mobinnova élan. But the Inventec Rainbow that NVIDIA […]

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The Smartbooks are coming, the Smartbooks are coming (this year)

One of the hottest product categories on display at Computex in June was the ARM-powered smartbook. These little computers look a lot like your typical netbook, but they feature low power ARM-based processors that are cheaper than most Intel chips, but a bit slower. On the bright side, many of these chips include built-in support […]