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Motorola Xoom tablet with Android Honeycomb and Nvidia Tegra 2 announced, coming to Verizon

Add Motorola to the growing list of companies unveiling a dual-core Tegra 2 + Android Honeycomb tablet at CES 2011. The company has officially taken the wraps off its Xoom tablet, announcing that the 10.1″ device will be headed to Verizon sometime in Q1 2011. 4G connectivity won’t be included at launch, but it will […]

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NVIDIA CEO implies Google Android tablet edition is on its way

Consumer electronics companies have been slapping Google Android on tablet-style computers since last year — but there are still very few Android tablets available for purchase in the US and Europe, despite dozens of devices showing up in China and at trade shows including CES earlier this year. And that’s largely because the operating system […]

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3D games demoed on Tegra 2 tablets – Video

NVIDIA’s Tegra platform combines a low power ARM-based chip with NVIDIA graphics to enable HD video playback and 3D acceleration on low power tablets, smartbooks, portable media players, and other devices. I got a chance to check a few demo units out at CES in January, and they really do seem to be able to […]

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Hands on with the Notion Ink Adam tablet (Pixel Qi screen, Tegra 2 graphics)

This year’s CES has been dominated by 3D TV, eBook readers, and a plethora of tablets. But the Notion Ink Adam tablet manages to stand out from the tablet crowd by sporting some of the hottest new technology. And I really do mean hot, and not just hyped. First, it’s one of the first devices […]

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NVIDIA unveils Tegra 2 platform for tablets, smartbooks, and more

NVIDIA has announced the next next generation of its Tegra platform that bundles a low power ARM-based CPU with high performance NVIDIA graphics. The new version will consume less energy than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset while providing 1080p HD video playback capabilities. The processor is an ARM Cortex A9 chip that runs up to 1GHz. Tegra 2 […]