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How to unlock an Android phone with a broken screen

A friend recently dropped his phone and ended up with a cracked display. That isn’t always a death knell for a smartphone, but in this case it meant that he couldn’t unlock the phone because the in-display fingerprint sensor stopped working and the phone wouldn’t recognize his PIN number when he tried typing it. That […]

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Zuckerberg, Teamviewer hacks show importance of good passwords

Think it’s not a big deal if you re-use a password on a few websites? Two high-profile hacks in a week offer yet more proof that it’s most definitely a bad idea. The first incident seems to have started around the 23 of March. Isolated reports started coming in from Teamviewer users that their machines […]

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Lilbits (11-04-2013): Moto G and Google Nexus 8 incoming?

Motorola plans to announce a new device called the Moto G on November 13th. You can sign up for details about a live announcement that’ll be broadcast online at, and that’s about all that Motorola’s saying about the new device for now. But based on leaks it seems likely that this’ll be a smartphone, […]