First look at CTL’s tablet netbook

CTL plans to bring a sub-$500 touchscreen Tablet PC to the US market in the next few months. The netbook sized device is based on Intel’s third generation Classmate PC design. That means it’s designed primarily for the education market and has a fairly rugged case, and a big handle on the back of the […]

Hands on with the Gigabyte M912M – Video

As I mentioned yesterday, UMPC Portal’s Steve Paine recently got his hands on a Gigabyte M912M tablet style netbook. And today he’s posted the video to prove it. Overall, he says the device is quite responsive thanks to a decent hard drive, the 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, and a decent touchscreen display. Unlike virtually every […]

Gigabyte M912 now shipping

The Gigabyte M912M and M912X tablet style netbooks are now shipping in Europe. The M912 series of laptops stretches the generally accepted definition of a netbook in two ways. First, they’re a bit on the pricy side, at about $700 to $800 US. And second, it has a touchscreen display that you can swivel and fold down […]

Aeeeris Tablet kit turns an Eee PC 701 into a tablet PC

PSPMod and EeeUser forum member PvP_lostknight is designing a kit for converting a standard clamshell-shaped Eee PC into a tablet PC. The kit, which is available for pre-order for $60 includes a base for the computer but does not include a touchscreen. You’ll have to purcahse that separately. The project has been plagued with a bit […]