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Compulab’s tiny UCM-iMX7 compute module bends over backward to stay small

Compulab makes a line of tiny desktop computers that it sells under the Fit-PC brand, among others. But the company also offers a line of computer-on-modules including solutions with Intel and AMD chips, and tiny models with ARM-based chips from Freescale/NXP. The company’s latest ARM-based module is called the UCM-iMX7 and it features a Cortex-A7 processor, up […]

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Dart-4460 module is basically a PC that’s smaller than a stick of gum

Decades ago a computer needed to be about the size of a room in order to get anything done. These days we carry little computers called smartphones in our pockets. But if you look under the hood, the bits that actually do the hard work are actually smaller than that — the screen, battery, and […]