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Microsoft is adding Pinterest to Edge, whether you want it or not (but at least you can sync extensions now)

During this week’s MS Build developer conference, Microsoft described a bunch of new features coming to its Edge web browser. Among other things, that means new tools for developers, improved support for Progressive Web Apps, and new data synchronization and customization options for IT professionals. The company is also adding built-in Pinterest integration to the […]

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Dell Stage software now automatically syncs your media

  Dell has released a new version of its Stage UI software for Android tablet sand Windows computers including the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible tablet-style netbook. The new software includes a feature called SyncUP which automatically uploads your photos, music, and videos to the cloud and synchronizes your data between devices. In other words you […]

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doubleTwist can sync media between a PC and MeeGo device

The folks at doubleTwist have been providing solutions for synchronizing music, photos, videos, and podcasts between a PC or Mac and an Android phone or tablet for a while. Now the company is starting to demonstrate a solution that also supports MeeGo Linux. Intel has licensed the technology so that any device MeeGo tablet you […]

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Miro 4 offers cross-platform, open source iTunes alternative… when it works

The Participatory Culture Foundation has released Miro 4.0. While earlier versions of this open source media player were aimed at making it easier to find and download videos and watch internet video streams, Miro 4.0 aims to be a complete replacements for iTunes or Windows Media Player. It can handle audio and video podcasts, includes […]

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac to add PlayBook tablet support… this summer

If you run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager app on a Windows computer and plug in a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can use the software to sync your music, pictures, videos automatically. If you run the Mac version of the software… nothing happens when you plug in a PlayBook. That’s because Mac support won’t be available […]

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Dell Stage software to let you sync data across Dell tablets, phones, PCs

Most major PC and phone makers that offer Android devices have come up with a suite of custom widgets, program launchers, and other utilities to give the operating system a custom feel. Dell’s no stranger to the custom UI space, offering what it calls its Stage UI on Android tablets such as the Dell Streak […]

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LastPass acquires Xmarks: Combining best password, bookmark sync services

Xmarks has been saved from the brink of extinction. The popular bookmark synchronization service allows users to install a browser plugin and keep their Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer bookmarks synchronized across multiple computers. Millions of people have used the service over the past few years, but Xmarks never really managed to come up […]

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Xmarks bookmark syncing service: Not dead yet

Good news everybody… no really. A few months ago the folks behind the popular Xmarks bookmark synchronization service announced plans to close up shop. After several years building one of the best tools for synchronizing your browser bookmarks and passwords between computers, the company hadn’t really figured out a good way to make money — […]

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Xmarks to close up shop, end bookmark syncing service

Mozilla is building bookmark, password, and preference synchronization for Firefox into a product called Firefox Sync. You can use it to keep your browser  work, home, and other computers in sync. Opera has allowed users to synchronize their data for years, and the Google Chrome browser now has similar features baked in. But the grandaddy […]