Under the hood of the Sylvania PID7901 Android tablet

Thinking of picking up one of those $180 Sylvania Android tablets from KMart, but don’t want to pull the trigger until you know what the motherboard looks like? You’re in luck (and you have some strange purchasing habits), because the FCC has posted some teardown pictures of the device, along with a user manual and […]

Hands-on time with the Sylvania G Meso leave some fingerprints

Laptop Magazine’s Joanna Stern got to spend some quality time with the upcoming Sylvania G MESO laptop this afternoon. Her verdict? The keyboard is kind of small, the speakers are loud but tinny, and everything else is more or less decent. There are a few things that make the Sylvania G MESO’s design stand out […]

Sylvania gets serious about netbooks, announces G MESO

The upcoming Sylvania G MESO won’t be Sylvania’s first foray into the netbook market. But the original Sylvania G is basically just an Everex Cloudbook knockoff (which is to say it’s based on the VIA NanoBook reference design and has a 30GB hard drive, 1.2GHz VIA C7-M CPU, 7 inch display, and a tiny, tiny […]