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Lilbits: New Surface hardware this fall, new video and PDF editing features for Chromebooks

MS Ignite is Microsoft’s annual conference for developers and IT pros, and the company has announced that this year’s version will take place October 12 – 14, and it’ll be the company’s first in-person conference since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There may be some news in October for folks who aren’t developers or […]

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Unofficial Windows 10 Mobile for Surface RT (is a work in progress)

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, the company also released a version of the operating system designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors. Windows RT debuted on the Microsoft RT tablet, but it wasn’t widely adopted by other computer makers and after launching the Surface 2 tablet with Windows RT software, Microsoft has pretty much […]

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Microsoft’s pretty sure you can update to Windows RT 8.1 now (without bricking your tablet)

Microsoft started rolling out Windows 8.1 on October 17th, allowing anyone with Windows 8 or Windows RT to upgrade for free through the Windows Store. While that process went pretty smoothly for most folks running Windows 8, some users wound up bricking their devices when upgrading Windows RT. So Microsoft pulled the update for a few […]

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Reports: Asus drops Windows RT, NVIDIA & Microsoft prep Surface RT 2

Microsoft took a bit of a gamble when the company launched Windows RT in late 2012. Up until that point, it’s flagship Windows operating system only ran on computers with x86 processors, but phones, tablets, and other devices with ARM-based chips were flooding the market. So Microsoft released a version of Windows that runs on […]

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Lilbits (7-30-2013): $149 Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 reviewed

Google and Asus launched the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet this month. It’s faster than the original, has a higher resolution display, and sports more memory. It’s better in every way, but one: the price. While the original Nexus 7 sold for $199 and up, the new model costs $229 and up. If you don’t need […]

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Microsoft Surface RT gets a global price cut (now costs about $350)

As expected, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is now available in the US for $350 and up. In the US, can pick one up for the new price at the Microsoft Store or at select retailers including Best Buy and Staples. But the new prices aren’t just available in the United States. Neowin noticed that the based […]

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Microsoft Surface RT tablets coming to schools for $199 (less than half price)

Microsoft’s Surface RT is a tablet with a 10.6 inch display, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, and Windows RT software. It sells for $499 and up, and the price includes a free copy of Microsoft Office. But aside from Office and the option of paying extra for a slick keyboard cover, there’s not really much […]

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Now there’s a tool that lets anyone jailbreak a Windows RT device

Earlier this week a developer figured our how to jailbreak a Microsoft Surface RT, allowing the tablet to run unsigned desktop-style apps. Now another developer has put together a tool that makes it relatively easy for anyone to jailbreak a Windows RT tablet or other device. It’s available for download from the xda-developers forum. Normally […]

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Microsoft to support the Surface RT tablet through April, 2017

It’s a bit early to say whether Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system will really take off. But if you buy the company’s first Windows RT tablet, you can at least be certain that Microsoft will support it through early 2017. ZDNet’s Ed Bott noticed that Microsoft has updated its product lifecycle page to show that […]