Report: Microsoft’s Andromeda/Surface Phone device might never see light of day

According to a series of leaks, Microsoft’s been working on a mobile device that blurs the lines between phones and tablets for a few years. But the company has never publicly talked about a Surface Phone, a dual-screen tablet, or anything to do with its “Andromeda” platform that would allow the full Windows 10 operating […]

Report: Microsoft is really working on pocket-sized, dual screen Surface device

Microsoft’s Surface line of devices include 12.3 inch tablets, 13.5 inch laptops, 15 inch convertibles, 28 inch all-in-one desktops, and even wall computers with screen sizes up to 84 inches. But one thing Microsoft hasn’t offered to date? A pocket-sized Surface. Rumor’s have been circulating for years that Microsoft was working on a Surface Phone and/or […]

Reports: Windows 10 Lean is streamlined for devices with just 16GB of storage

There are a number of low-cost Windows tablets and notebooks that have as little as 32GB of storage. In recent years, we’ve even seen some ship with as little as 16GB. And while that’s usually enough space to run a basic Windows experience and maybe even install a few apps and download a few files… […]

Report: Microsoft’s “Surface Phone” could be 6-12 months away

Microsoft has released plenty of smartphones under its own brand since acquiring Nokia’s phone business in 2014. Up until now most of those phones have been devices designed by the team that used to be part of Nokia. But there have been rumors that the team responsible for Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Surface Book are […]

Microsoft MS1 hits the Bluetooth SIG (maybe a Surface phone?)

An unannounced Microsoft smartphone recently showed up at the Bluetooth SIG website, accompanied by listings for the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones. The surprise model is referred to as the Microsoft ms1, and there are virtually no details about it… but it’s interesting to note that it’s model number doesn’t look like those […]

Rumor: Microsoft building a Surface Mobile smartphone

Microsoft has been making software for smartphones for over a decade, but the company started selling its own smartphone hardware after acquiring Nokia’s phone business. While Microsoft’s phones don’t have the Nokia name on them anymore, they do still use the Lumia brand name that originated with Nokia. But according to WMPoweruser, Microsoft may be […]