Microsoft Surface Pro X is an ultrathin tablet with custom Snapdragon processor

As expected, Microsoft is launching a new thin-and-light Surface tablet powered by an ARM processor and Windows 10 on ARM software. The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the first and only device to feature a Microsoft SQ1 chipset, which is the company’s name for a custom Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that runs at 7 watts and features a […]

Report: Windows 10X coming soon for dual-screen devices, Microsoft’s ARM-based tablet to be called Surface Campus

Hot on the heels of a series of leaks giving us a first look at Microsoft’s upcoming Surface 7, Surface Laptop, and ARM-based Surface tablet, more details about Microsoft’s fall 2019 hardware (and software) lineup are making the rounds. First up, Evan Blass reports that the ARM-based tablet will be called the Surface Campus, suggesting […]

Microsoft Surface Mobile: A Windows phone with pen and projector?

Windows phones may have a nearly insignificant market share at this point, but Microsoft’s Windows software still dominates the desktop and notebook PC space. So while it seems likely that Android and iOS will continue to rule the smartphone space for a while, Microsoft may be planning for a future where the things we call […]

Early Microsoft Lumia 950 concept included Surface Pen support

Windows may be the dominant operating system for notebook and desktop computers, but Microsoft’s Windows software for phones has an ever-dwindling market share. While the company continues to offer updates to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft hasn’t launched any new smartphone hardware since the fall of 2015. At the time, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 […]

Microsoft’s new Surface Pen is better, faster… and sold separately from the Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro tablet may be a modest upgrade over the previous model, but one component has received a major update: the Surface Pen. The new Surface Pen is more sensitive, introduces tilt detection for shading, and offers what Microsoft says is a more paper-like writing experience with virtually no lag. There’s just one catch: […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is now available without a pen

One of the key selling points for Microsoft’s Surface Pro line of tablets has always been their support for pen input. But they’re also pretty useful if you just want to use your fingers on the touchscreen or connect a keyboard cover for typing. If you don’t personally need a Surface Pen, now you can […]