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Fairphone 2 is still getting Android updates 5 years after launch

Google, Qualcomm, and companies like Samsung are working to ensure that smartphones receive operating system and security updates for longer – buy a new Samsung phone today and it should still get security updates in four years. But a small Dutch company called Fairphone is doing a bit better than that. Kind of. Five years […]

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Android phones with Qualcomm chips could get up to 4 years of updates moving forward

Buy an Android phone from Google, Samsung, HMD (Nokia), or a handful of other companies and you should get OS and security updates for at least three years. But soon we may start to see phone makers promise four years of updates… and if we’re lucky, more device makers will hop on the update bandwagon […]

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All new Chromebooks will get at least 8 years of automatic updates

One of the nice things about buying a Google Chromebook is that the operating system receives automatic security and feature updates delivered straight from Google — which means that it’ll stay up to date years after your Android phone stops receiving official updates. But up until recently, Google only promised 5 to 6.5 years of […]

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Windows 7 support is ending — what do you do now?

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7 support, which means that the decade-old operating system will get its final security update today. You can continue using Windows 7 indefinitely — aside from a nag screen that will likely pop up to let you know support has ended, nothing will change. But Windows 7 will likely […]

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Google gives some Chromebooks another 3 years of support

Some of the key selling points for Chromebooks is that they’re easy to use, secure, and always getting better thanks to software updates delivered regularly. But the truth is that Google only guarantees 6.5 years of software updates from the release date of a particular Chromebook (or rather the board that a Chromebook is based […]

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HMD’s first Nokia phones will get three years of updates (an extra year)

When HMD revived the Nokia smartphone brand and started selling Android phones in 2017, the company promised to offer at least two years of major operating system and security updates. That was two years ago… which means that the clock should be running out. But now HMD says it’s adding another year of support, which […]

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Windows 10 feature updates now get up to 30 months of support (for Enterprise and Education users anyway)

Microsoft released two major Windows 10 feature updates per year, but if you’re not ready to upgrade right away, the company continues to support older versions for 18 months. That’s not a lot of time compared to the 5 years of support Microsoft offered for earlier versions of Windows, but since Windows 10 updates are […]

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Amazon pulls the plug on Mayday live video support for Kindle Fire HDX tablets

For the past few years Amazon’s Fire tablet strategy has seemed to be to offer a “good enough” experience at really low prices. The company’s cheapest current tablet has a starting price of $50, and the most expensive is just $150. But back in 2013 Amazon tried a different approach. The company launched the Kindle […]

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Nextbit Robin support ends July 31, but the phone might still be worth buying

The Nextbit Robin smartphone launched in early 2016, offering a distinctive design, an unusual method for leveraging cloud storage, and specs that are very similar to what you get from a Google Nexus 5X (give or take). At the time the phone sold for about $400. These days you can often find it on sale […]