Superbook laptop dock for smartphones is (finally) shipping

The Superbook looks like a laptop, but its actually a smartphone accessory that you can connect to your phone to interact with mobile apps on a notebook-sized display, keyboard, and touchpad. Sentio launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Superbook in 2016, raising nearly $3 million to bring the device to market. And while the company […]

Superbook laptop dock for Android phones pre-orders open for $109 (post-Kickstarter)

After raising close to $3 million dollars through Kickstarter, the folks behind the Superbook laptop dock for Android phones are offering folks who didn’t get in on the campaign a chance to pre-order. The Superbook is now available for purchase through Backerkit. What is a Superbook? It’s basically an inexpensive device that looks like a laptop, but […]

Superbook laptop dock for smartphones raises over $2.6 million, runs out of stretch goals

The Superbook is a device that looks like a laptop, but which is really more of a portable screen, keyboard, and battery for your smartphone. Plug a phone into the Superbook and you can run your Android apps on a bigger display with a desktop-style user interface complete with a taskbar and multi-window support. Andromium […]

Crowdfunded NexDock laptop dock for smartphones begins shipping to backers (Updated)

Want to use your smartphone like a laptop? Two popular crowdfunding campaigns have launched this year in hopes of delivering hardware that lets you do that. Andromium’s Superbook looks like an 11.6 inch laptop, but it uses you Android phone’s processor, memory, storage, and software. The campaign is still ongoing, but the team has already […]

Superbook gets 1080p display option (crowdfunding laptop dock for Android phones)

It’s been just over a week since Andromium launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $50,000 to produce a device that lets you use an Android smartphone like a laptop. With 21 days left to go in the Superbook campaign, the project has received over $1.1 million in pledges, which means that it’s hit […]

Andromium’s $99 Superbook turns your Android phone into a laptop (crowdfunding)

Smartphones have changed the way the world gets online, by letting you put a tiny, touchscreen computer in your pocket or handbag. But sometimes it’s still nice to have a larger screen, a full-sized keyboard, and a mouse or touchpad. The Superbook is a smartphone accessory that gives you all those things. It looks like […]

Superbook is a $99 laptop shell for Android smartphones

The $149 NexDock isn’t the only device designed to let you use an Android smartphone like a laptop. A new team has just unveiled a $99 option called the Superbook. It looks like a laptop, but it’s basically a keyboard, touchpad and 11.6 inch display. It has no memory, storage, or processor. Instead, you can […]