Qualcomm’s new Mirasol sunlight viewable display does color better

Qualcomm Mirasol displays sound amazing on paper. They’re low-power screens which can display color and black and white images with or without a backlight. Like E Ink screens, that means Mirasol displays are easily visible even in direct sunlight. But up until recently, there’s been a trade-off: Mirasol displays have suffered from washed-out looking colors. […]

Sol Computers introduces a sunlight readable 10 inch USB monitor (with Pixel Qi display)

Need to use your computer outside, but find the glossy screen turns into a mirror in direct sunlight? Sol Computer is offering a sunlight-viewable 10 inch monitor which you can plug into a USB port. But it’ll cost you. While a price isn’t listed on the website (and may vary if you place bulk orders), […]

7 inch Android, Windows tablets with Pixel Qi sunlight viewable displays from Sol Computer

Sol Computer introduced a 10 inch Windows netbook and 10 inch Windows tablet with Pixel Qi sunlight viewable displays last year. Now the company is adding two new 7 inch models to its lineup, one with Google Android, and another with Windows. Pixel Qi screens are dual-mode LCD displays which work as full-color screens when […]

3M invests in Pixel Qi, enables expansion of sunlight readable display tech

Pixel Qi has been producing sunlight readable LCD display technology for a couple of years. Founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who also designed the sunlight readable displays used in the original OLPC XO Laptop, the company produces dual-mode screens that can be used with or without a backlight. When the backlight is on the display […]

Samsung acquires sunlight readable display company Liquavista

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet, but it appears that Samsung has acquired Liquavista, a company developing displays that use electrowetting to allow for full color visibility both indoors and out. The Digital Reader received a tip about the acquisition and dug up a job listing which suggests Liquavista is a new division at […]

PocketBook developing tablet with Mirasol outdoor-readable display

Mirasol has been showing off its technology for outdoor readable color LCD displays for over a year, but I haven’t seen any actual devices using Mirasol screens yet. It looks like that could change soon. A demo video for an upcoming tablet from PocketBook shows the device with a Mirasol display — although it looks […]