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Microsoft’s Clipchamp video editor for Windows 11 doesn’t charge you to export HD video anymore

When Microsoft introduced the Clipchamp video editor for Windows 11 earlier this month, the company focused on how you could use it to record, trim, and add transitions, text, and other effects to videos. What the company didn’t mention in its blog post was that many of features were only available with a paid subscription. […]

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Lilbits: Would you pay a subscription to always have the latest iPhone?

Over the past few years we’ve seen a growing number of companies move to subscription models for things you used to be able to pay just once for. Want to use Adobe Audition or Premiere? You need a subscription and if you stop paying, you lose access. QuickBooks recently went the same way. And Microsoft […]

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Google is sunsetting FeedBurner email subscriptions (it’s time to update your settings if you subscribe by email)

Google-owned FeedBurner used to be a wildly popular service that websites used to customize their RSS feeds, publicize them, and offer readers a way to get updates via email. But Google has let FeedBurner languish over the years, occasionally remembering the service still exists just long enough to remove useful features. The latest update? Google […]

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Microsoft steps up push for Office 365 subscriptions over single-license Office installs

There are currently a few different ways to get your hands on Microsoft Office. There are home and business versions of Office. And make a one-time purchase to get a version of Office that you can install on a single PC or pay for an Office 365 subscription that lets you install the operating system on one […]

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Apple, Google to offer app developers bigger cut of subscription revenue

Apple and Google both take a 30 percent cut of revenue from apps sold through the App Store and Google Play Store, which means developers only get 70 cents for every $1 purchase. The same goes for in-app subscriptions that use the App Store or Google Play for billing, which means that if you pay […]

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Netflix is now $10 per month for new members after latest price hike

Less than a year and a half after raising the price of a Netflix subscription from $7.99 to $8.99, Netflix has implemented another $1 increase. New subscribers will now have to pay $9.99 per month for the most popular Netflix plan, which allows customers to stream HD video on up to two devices simultaneously. Existing subscribers […]

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Netflix hikes prices by $1 per month (£1, €1 in UK, Europe)

Good news everyone! If you’re a current Netflix subscriber, you can continue paying the same monthly rate for the next 2 years. Oh yeah… that’s probably not really news, since it’s the same rate Netflix has been charging most customers for its instant video streaming service since inception. Here’s what’s new: the company has announced that new customers […]

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Magazine publishers try a Netflix-for-Magazines approach to Android tablets

Tablets seem like they’d be a good fit for magazines. After all, they’re basically screens that you hold in your hands much the same way you would a magazine. But while Zinio, Amazon, and a few other companies have been offering tablet users tools to buy individual issues or subscribe to magazines, for the most […]