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BlueStacks introduces GamePop Mini: Free Android game console (with $7/month subscription)

BlueStacks is adding another Android-based video game console to its lineup, even before the first model hits the streets. Recently the company unveiled the GamePop, a $129 device that lets you play Android games on the big screen by paying a $6.99 subscription fee to access an all-you-can-eat buffet of games. Now the company is […]

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Google’s subscription music service coming soon to iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said there’s nothing stopping the company from releasing apps for Android… if the company saw any reason to do that. Meanwhile, Google has long been offering apps that run on Apple’s mobile devices, including official Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail apps. Now it looks like Google’s “All Access” subscription music […]

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GamePop Android gaming console to cost $129 (plus $7/month for buffet-style game service)

The upcoming GamePop video game console is a small box designed to let users play Android video games on a TV. But unlike similar devices from GameStick and Ouya, the Gamepop uses a subscription model. Instead of paying for individual games, customers will be able to pay $6.99 per month to access a catalog of […]

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Kindle Free Time Unlimited offers subscription-based books, apps, media for kids

Amazon is launching a new subscription service that offers up a range of kid-friendly content including apps, games, books, and movies and TV shows for Kindle Fire tablet users. Kindle Free Time Unlimited features content designed for kids between 3 and 8 years old, and it costs $2.99 per month for Amazon Prime members of […]

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Verizon offers Android gaming subscription for $6/month

Verizon has is now offering Android phone and tablet users the ability to play over 100 games for a flat monthly fee of $5.99. The GameTanium service includes 100 games for Android phones and 50 titles for tablets. Games include Fruit Ninja, Doodle God, and World of Goo. The service is actually powered by Exent […]

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Google unveils subscription-based Chromebooks for business, education

Starting on June 15th, Google will begin offering subscription-based packages for students and for businesses. For a monthly fee you’ll get a Chromebook laptop running Google Chrome OS, as well as ongoing software support, a warranty, and even replacements for obsolete hardware. The business package will run $28 per month per user, while the education […]

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Hulu Plus: TV shows on your PC, iPad, other devices for $9.99 per month

Hulu has launched a new subscription-based service that offers US residents the ability to watch TV shows on a PC, Mac, some web-connected TVs and Blu-Ray players, and Apple mobile products including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The company isn’t eliminating its free, ad-supported service. Instead, Hulu Plus comes with the ability to watch […]