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CBS launches streaming video service for $6 per month: A la carte video fees could stack up

Yesterday HBO announced it would launch a standalone online video streaming service in 2015, allowing you to access the network’s programming without a cable subscription. Now another US TV network has launched its own streaming video service. CBS All Access offers 6,500 TV episodes on demand for $6 per month. Of course, you could always […]

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Lilbits (7-29-2014): Why the Vivaldi open source tablet failed

Once upon a time a group of developers working on the open source KDE Plasma Active desktop environment for mobile devices figured it’d be cool if there was a tablet designed specifically to run the software. So they tried to find a device maker to offer truly open hardware with no proprietary components. It would […]

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Amazon Prime Music launches, gives subscribers a million tunes to stream

Amazon’s new music streaming service lets subscribers listen to a million songs. Just browse the Amazon music store, add albums, songs, or playlists to your library, and you can stream them. While Amazon Prime Music doesn’t have as many songs as rivals Spotify or Google Play Music, lacks access to recent hits, and has no […]

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Netflix hikes prices by $1 per month (£1, €1 in UK, Europe)

Good news everyone! If you’re a current Netflix subscriber, you can continue paying the same monthly rate for the next 2 years. Oh yeah… that’s probably not really news, since it’s the same rate Netflix has been charging most customers for its instant video streaming service since inception. Here’s what’s new: the company has announced that new customers […]

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Would you pay for a premium YouTube music-on-demand service?

YouTube is reportedly getting ready to launch a music-on-demand service that will let subscribers listen to any song and watch any music video in the YouTube catalog at any time… which is something you can kind of already do for free. But Billboard reports the new service would let you cache music so you can […]

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Oyster introduces Netflix for eBooks: All-you-can-read for $10 per month

Netflix changed the way many people watch videos when the company started offering the ability to stream as many TV shows and movies as you’d like for as little as $8 per month. Now a company called Oyster wants to do something similar with eBooks. Here’s the pitch: You pay $9.95 per month and you […]