Lilbits 6-04-2020: AFTVNews returns, Apple “Prime” may be in the works, and Playdate runs Doom

First playable version of Doom on the Playdate. Still very early but I guess I will cross out “Port Doom” from my bucket list. My main inspiration was @fabynou Game Engine Black Book. — Nic (@NicMagnier) May 31, 2020 Here’s a roundup of recent tech news from around the web. First playable version of […]

Google Play Pass launches with 350+ games for $5 per month (or $2 for early birds)

The Google Play Store is filled with millions of apps and games. Some are free. Some you have to pay for. And an awful lot are somewhere in the middle — you can install the app for free but need to make in-app purchases to unlock features. Now Google is launching another option: pay a […]

Google is testing Play Pass subscription for ad-free Android apps & games

The Google Play Store is filled with a combination of free and paid apps and games… but many of the free ones are either laden with annoying ads or require in-app purchases to access some content or features. Google may be planning to offer users another option. According to a report from Android Police, the […]

HTC Viveport Infinity subscription service launches in April for $99 per year

Virtual Reality can be a rather expensive hobby. The most affordable standalone VR headset will set you back at least $199, but if you want a PC-based system you’ll probably end up spending at least twice as much on the headset, motion controllers, and sensors — and that’s before you factor in the cost of […]

Soon you’ll be able to install Office 365 on as many PCs as you want

Micosoft’s entry-level Office 365 subscriptions are about to get a little more useful for home and/or personal users. Currently if you pay $70 per year for an Office 365 Personal account you can install Office on up to five devices. Office 365 Home subscribers who pay $100 can install Office on up to 10 devices […]

Snakebyte’s GameStore lets you play 400 Android games for $10 per month

Snakebyte is a German company that makes gaming accessories, but a few years ago the company tried to get into the console space with the launch of the not-very-successful Android-powered QEUS smart TV box. Now Snakebyte is trying something different. The company has launched a new subscription service that lets you access a library of […]