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Compal’s StudyBook concept is a multi-function laptop for kids with a writing slate and detachable keyboard

Taiwanese device manufacturer Compal has designed an unusual laptop aimed at young children. At first glance the Compal StudyBook looks like a standard notebook, but it has a few features that make it stand out. First, the keyboard can be lifted up and removed from the bottom of the notebook to reveal a writing slate that […]

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Intel’s Classmate PC laptop gets a Bay Trail speed boost

Intel is updating its reference design for mini-laptops aimed at students. The new Intel Classmate PC is a 10 inch laptop with an optional touchscreen display, a camera that rotates to face forward or back, and an Intel Celeron N2806 processor. That chip is based on the same Silvermont/Bay Trail technology as the Atom processors used […]

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OLPC and Vivitar unveil new XO Tablets with 7, 10 inch screens

One Laptop Per Child and its partner Vivitar launched their first Android tablet last year. Now they’re following up with two new models, sporting 7 and 10 inch displays. Both are aimed at students, and feature educational software durable design and a kid-friendly user interface as well as access to the Google Play Store and […]

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2,000 schools are using Chromebooks

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome operating system, and while they’re useful tools for anyone looking for an inexpensive laptop for accessing the web, they’re especially useful in business and education settings. That’s because Chromebooks store your user data and settings online, so one Chromebook is pretty much interchangeable  with  another — just login […]

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Kineo: $299 Android tablet designed for students

With Android tablets expected to flood the market this year, it’s nice to see that some companies are looking for ways to distinguish their products. The folks at Brainchild have designed a tablet that’s aimed specifically students and children. The Kineo tablet might not have the most impressive specs, but it packs security features which […]

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OLPC XO Laptop with normal looking keyboard spotted in the wild

One of the defining characteristics of the OLPC XO Laptop is the little computer’s distinctive green plastic design, which extends to the keyboard which has a membrane-style keyboard that’s resistant to spills and dust. But if you’ve ever actually tried using an XO Laptop, you may find the keyboard take s a little getting used […]

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Indiana high school students required to rent netbooks

It’s not unusual for college students to bring laptops to class to take notes. But not only has the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation in Indiana decided to allow the use of laptops in high school classrooms, the schools will rent netbooks to students for $70 per year on top of their existing annual textbook fee. Students […]