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Amazon Music Unlimited launches, monthly prices start at $4 for Echo users

Amazon’s new music service is live. It’s called Amazon Music Unlimited, and subscribers get access to “tens of millions” of songs and thousands of curated playlists and personalized stations. Sounds a lot like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music, right? Here’s one big difference: the pricing. Some customers will be able to sign up […]

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Deezer launches streaming music service in the US for $10 per month

Internet music provider Deezer has a library of more than 40 million songs and 40 thousand podcasts that are available for streaming to a phone, tablet, PC, or some stereo systems. But while Deezer has been available in around 180 countries, the service wasn’t widely available in the US… until today. Deezer is now available in […]

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SoundCloud Go offers music streaming, downloads for $10 per month

SoundCloud has become one of the most popular services for sharing audio over the past few years, but the company has been struggling to find a profitable business model… and apparently the latest approach is pretty much the same one taken by Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and others. SoundCloud Go is a new […]

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Apple Music beta is now available for Android

Apple’s streaming music service is now available for Google Android, making it one of the first major Android apps released by Apple (one of the others is a “move to iOS” app the company released in September). Apple Music is a subscription service that lets you stream songs on demand, listen to curated playlists, or tune […]

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Electric Jukebox: Music player for folks that think a Chromecast is complicated

The Electric Jukebox Company has unveiled a dedicated device that does just one thing: stream music. The Electric Jukebox is a Chromecast-like dongle that connects to your TV’s HDMI port. Using a Wii-style controller, you can find and listen to music through your home’s most important entertainment center. Unlike a Chromecast, Sonos, or other music […]

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Grooveshark’s streaming music service shuts down

After nearly 8 years of operation (and 6 years of dealing with lawsuits), online music service Grooveshark is closed for business. The company has posted a message on its website apologizing for its failure to “secure licenses from rights holders for the vast amount of music on the service.” While most mainstream internet music services […]

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Amazon Prime Music launches, gives subscribers a million tunes to stream

Amazon’s new music streaming service lets subscribers listen to a million songs. Just browse the Amazon music store, add albums, songs, or playlists to your library, and you can stream them. While Amazon Prime Music doesn’t have as many songs as rivals Spotify or Google Play Music, lacks access to recent hits, and has no […]

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Samsung’s Milk Music offers free internet radio (to Galaxy phones)

Samsung has launched a new streaming music service called Milk Music. It’s free to use, doesn’t include any ads from sponsors… and it’s only available on a select group of phones. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S III, S4, or Galaxy Note II or Note 3 you can download Milk Music from the Google […]

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Beats Music joins the $10 per month streaming music club

Spotify, Rdio, and Google Play Music All Access not doing it for you? There’s a new kid in town. Beats Music is now available in the United States. Like its rivals, Beats Music has a library filled with millions of songs, and you can stream pretty much any of them at any time. And like […]