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Linux Smartphone News Roundup: PinePhone Keyboard, PinePhone eMMC speed hack, and more

Pine64 has been working on an official keyboard accessory for the PinePhone for most of the year. It’s gone through multiple hardware revisions in that time, but it’s finally almost ready to ship and you’ll be able to order for $50 starting next month. For that price, you can effectively turn Pine64’s Linux-friendly smartphone into a […]

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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi-powered storage server, Android 12’s new Internet tile, and Palm’s new earbuds

A company called KubeSail is introducing a compact network-attached storage device called the PiBox 2 mini which, as the name suggests, is powered by Raspberry Pi hardware. Up for pre-order through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for $250 and up with an expected ship date of March, 2022, it’s designed to work with up to two […]

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QNAP NASbook TBS-464 is a compact NAS with room for up to 4 NVMe SSDs

Most Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are basically purpose-built computers designed to let you store large amounts of data on one or more hard drives. But the new QNAP TBS-464 is a compact model that measures just 9.1″ x 6.5″ x 1.2″ and doesn’t really have enough room for a bunch of hard drives. It still […]

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XFM memory spec paves the way for small, speedy removable storage

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has introduced a new data storage specification that could bring super-speedy, removable storage to compact devices that have typically had storage soldered to the mainboard until now. XFM Embedded and Removable Memory Devices provide an NVMe over PCI Express interface in a smaller, thinner form factor than the M.2 […]

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Micron brings faster UFS 3.1 storage to mobile devices with 176-layer NAND

Micron introduced 176-layer NAND memory last year, making it possible to deliver flash storage capable of faster read and write speeds while taking up less space. It’s already available in PCIe SSDs, and now the company says it’s bringing the technology to mobile devices. The first 176-layer NAND UFS 3.1 storage is now shipping to […]

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Lilbits: Cross platform edition (Stadia on iOS, Apple TV on Chromecast, HBO Max on Roku)

Apple doesn’t let developer submit apps to the App Store if they effectively include their own app store… and that means game streaming services like Stadia, Luna, GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming need not apply. But there’s an alternate path to streaming games on iPhones and iPads: the web browser. Amazon’s Luna game streaming […]

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Amazon Kindle updates: new colors and more storage (maybe)

This month Amazon added two new color options for the Kindle Paperwhite: in addition to buying the company’s 6 inch eReader with a high-resolution display in black or blue, you can now get sage or plum color options. But that might not be the only change in the Kindle lineup. Some customers who purchase the […]