CyanogenMod is dead… but Lineage will pick up where CM leaves off

Hot on the heels of news that Cyanogen OS is effectively dying at the end of the year, the developers of the open source CyanogenMod operating system have announced the end of that project as well… kind of. The team plans to fork the existing CyanogenMod code, eliminate reliance of Cyanogen services, make some other […]

Reports suggest Cyanogen OS as we know it may be done

CyanogenMod is an open source operating system built on top of Google Android that’s developed by a community of independent developers. It’s one of the oldest, and most popular custom ROMs that users can install on a wide range of phones and tablets as a replacement for the software that came with their devices, and […]

CyanogenMod goes pro: Raises $7 million in funding, makes CM easier to install

There are hundreds of custom versions of Android that you can install on phones, tablets, and other devices. But one of the biggest names in the custom firmware space is CyanogenMod. The team has been tweaking and improving Google’s open source operating system for four years… and now the core team of developers have quit […]