Codeweavers demos Steam game client running on Android*

Crossover is a tool that allows you to run some Windows software on Mac or Linux machines. It’s developed by a company called Codeweavers, and it’s basically a commercial version of the open source WINE software, and last year Codewavers announced it was working to bring the software to Android. That means you could eventually run some […]

HTC launches Vive Pre virtual reality headset for developers

HTC plans to launch its first virtual reality headset this year, but not matter how good the technology behind the device is, the HTC Vive won’t be much use if developers don’t create games, videos, and other experiences for it. After launching an initial developer kit in 2015, HTC is introducing an updated model at […]

Alienware Alpha (Dell’s littlest gaming PC) now shipping

Dell introduced a small form-factor gaming desktop PC called the Alienware Alpha this summer, and now it’s shipping. Originally designed to be a Steam Machine running Valve’s Linux-based Steam operating system, the Alienware Alpha is currently shipping with Windows. You can thank Valve’s decision to delay launch of Steam OS until 2015 for that. Prices for […]

GOG Galaxy is a DRM-free, optional online gaming platform from Good Old Games

Good Old Games or GOG is a distributor of… well, video games. As the name implies, the company specializes in older games which are often sold well below their original list price, but there are some newer titles available as well. Now GOG is moving beyond selling and distributing games through your web browser. The upcoming […]

Valve’s Steam Machines gaming PCs launch pushed back to 2015

Game maker and gaming platform operator Valve says the first Steam Machines gaming PCs will probably launch in 2015, not this year as had been expected. The company is developing a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS which is tied to the company’s Steam game store, as well as a Steam Controller game controller which is designed to make […]

Valve’s Steam Controller rethinks gamepads, coming to Steam Machines next year

Valve plans to launch a platform that could chance the face of PC gaming in 2014. SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system designed for PC gaming in the living room. Users will be able to access thousands of games through the Steam Platform while sitting on a couch. Meanwhile, the company is partnering with hardware […]

Valve Steam Machines gaming desktops coming in 2014, limited beta starts sooner

Valve introduced a new operating system called SteamOS this week. It’s a Linux-based operating system designed to bring games and media to the living room. But you need a decent computer to do that. Enter Steam Machines. Valve says it’s working with hardware partners to deliver a variety of gaming machines in 2014. But to […]

Valve introduces Steam OS: Game-centric operating system for living room PCs

Valve’s Steam software makes it easy to purchase and download some of the top video games on a variety of platforms. Steam runs on Windows and Mac computers, and the company recently launched Steam for Linux. Now Valve is going one step further and releasing its own Linux-based operating system called SteamOS. You’ll be able […]

Fuduntu 2013.1 now available with Netflix and Steam support

Fuduntu 2013.1 is now available for download, and there are plenty of reasons to take it for a spin. Along with a lengthy list of improvements a bug fixes, there a few key features that make the latest version of Fuduntu an interesting option for both existing and prospective Linux users. The distro’s sleek interface […]