Ubuntu is dropping support for 32-bit apps and games, so Steam is dropping support for Ubuntu

Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system is one of the biggest names in desktop GNU/Linux. But if you plan to play PC games on Linux, you might want to start looking around for a different Linux distro. Ubuntu developer Steve Langasek announced last week that starting with Ubuntu 19:10, which comes out in October, Canonical would no […]

Valve’s Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from any PC, over any (fast) network

Valve’s Steam game client has offered support for in-home game streaming for years. Fire up the Steam app on your gaming PC and you can stream games to any other device connected to the same home network… which comes in handy if you want to play on your laptop, but it’s not nearly as powerful […]

SteamVR motion smoothing aims to make VR bearable on cheaper PCs

A high-end gaming computer can easily cost thousands of dollars by the time you’ve outfitted it with the latest high-performance components. But you don’t necessarily need an Intel Core i9-9900K processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics to play games — there are thousands of games that are perfectly playable on older or less powerful […]

Steam for Linux now lets you play (some) Windows games on Linux

Valve’s Steam game platform supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. But up until recently it was up to developers to decide which operating systems to support… and the vast majority are Windows-only, followed by a smaller number of apps that support macOS and around 3 thousand that support Linux. But now the number of Steam games […]

HTC Vive launches to mixed (but promising) reviews

Just days after the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset began shipping, rival HTC has begun shipping its Vive headset and VR system to customers. And the early reviews are in. Priced at $799, the HTC Vive is about $200 more expensive than an Oculus Rift… and that price¬†doesn’t include the cost of the powerful computer […]