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Lilbits: Steam Deck supports 4,500+ PC games, Samsung Galaxy Watch5 launched, and Microsoft makes porting x86 apps to Windows on ARM easier

Valve’s Steam Deck is a handheld gaming computer that ships with a Linux-based operating system called Steam OS. But while most PC games are designed to run on Windows, many of them are also playable on the Steam Deck either because developers have ported them to the platform or because Valve’s Proton compatibility software allows […]

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Lilbits: Google’s Cursive app comes to more Chromebooks, Steam Deck update lowers the fan noise

Google’s long-rumored Pixel Notepad foldable smartphone is now rumored to be delayed and will now launch in 2023 at the earliest. While some folks are clamoring for small Android phones, it turns out some companies are still making them… just not very good ones. Google’s Cursive app for handwriting recognition is coming to all Chromebooks […]

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Lilbits: Steam Deck software update, beginning of the end for the Pixel 3a, and Audacity in the Microsoft Store

Valve’s latest beta software update for the Steam Deck brings experimental support for controlling the screen refresh rate in games and allows the Linux-based operating system to control the fan speed as well as when the fan activates in the first place, which can cut down on unwanted noise in some circumstances. Unfortunately there’s also […]

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Lilbits: Samsung Galaxy A13 and A23 launched, try the Steam Deck UI on any PC, run GrapheneOS’ secure apps on any Android phone

Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones grab most of the headlines since they’re the company’s flagship-class phone that typically feature the best hardware Samsung can put in your pocket (even if that hardware sometimes doesn’t run as fast as it could). But the company’s best-selling phones are actually in the wallet-friendly Galaxy A series. And now […]

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Lilbits: Samsung may be throttling Android app performance, Intel Core i7-12650HX leaked, Valve issues fix for Steam Deck stick drift

Every few years one or more phone makers seems to be caught throttling performance of certain Android apps and games, often to help phones get high scores in benchmarks even when they’re not representative of real-world performance. This time it’s Samsung’s turn. The company’s Game Optimizing Service has been discovered on Galaxy S22 phones, and […]

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Valve Steam Deck UI will replace Steam’s Big Picture mode (eventually)

Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld gaming PC will ship with a Linux-based operating system called Steam OS with a user interface designed to put gaming front and center, making the little computer feel more like a game console. But that new UI isn’t just for the Steam Deck. According to Valve, it will also be […]

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Smach Z handheld gaming PC put on hold

Just days after launching a Kickstarter campaign to build a handheld gaming PC running Steam OS software, the developers of the Smach Z have decided to put the project on hold. The current crowdfunding campaign has been canceled while the team reevaluates its hardware and funding options. In an update on the Kickstarter page, the […]

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Lilbits 312: Steam Machines would be faster as Windows Machines

Steam Machines are gaming computers that ship with Valve’s Linux-based Steam OS software. It’s designed to run on a big-screen display and put your gaming experience front and center. The idea is to make gaming PCs a bit more like game consoles… and for the most part Steam Machines seem to do that. But now […]