Valve Steam Deck UI will replace Steam’s Big Picture mode (eventually)

Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld gaming PC will ship with a Linux-based operating system called Steam OS with a user interface designed to put gaming front and center, making the little computer feel more like a game console. But that new UI isn’t just for the Steam Deck. According to Valve, it will also be […]

Valve Steam Deck is a $399 handheld gaming PC (coming in December, pre-orders open July 16)

Valve is getting into the handheld gaming space with the launch of the new Steam Deck. It’s basically a gaming computer that you can hold in your hands… or a PC that looks a bit like a Nintendo Switch. The Steam Deck goes up for pre-order starting July 16th, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern, with prices starting […]

Smach Z handheld gaming PC put on hold

Just days after launching a Kickstarter campaign to build a handheld gaming PC running Steam OS software, the developers of the Smach Z have decided to put the project on hold. The current crowdfunding campaign has been canceled while the team reevaluates its hardware and funding options. In an update on the Kickstarter page, the […]

Smach Zero: $300 handheld Steam Machine game console coming in 2016

The first gaming computers designed to run Valve’s Steam OS should begin shipping this fall. Want a Steam Machine that’s a bit more portable? The Smach Zero is a handheld game console that looks a bit like a PlayStation Portable, but it has an x86 processor, Steam OS software, and Steam Controller-style buttons and configurable […]

The first Steam Machine gaming PCs coming in October, up for pre-order now

SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system designed around Valve’s popular Steam game platform. It’s been in development for a few years, and you can download and install a beta version of the software on your own computer to create a Steam Machine. But if you want to buy a PC with SteamOS pre-installed, well, now you […]

Steam Machines will sell for $460 to $5000 when they launch in November

Valve’s Steam OS is an operating system designed to turn computers into game consoles. It’s a Linux-based operating system that will run on computers called Steam Machines. Valve plans to launch the operating system in November, which is when the first Steam Machines will go on sale. So how much will these PC/game consoles cost? […]

Steam Machines coming in November, along with $50 Steam Link game streamer

Valve has announced that the first Steam Machines will launch in November. These are gaming computers from companies including Alienware and Falcon Northwett which will run Valve’s Linux-based operating system called Steam OS. The company has also introduced a new device called the Steam Link which will let you stream games over your home network […]

Lilbits (12-19-2013): Steam Machine prototype teardown

Gaming platform provider Steam recently announced plans to launch its own Linux-based operating system and partner with PC makers to offer gaming PCs meant for your living room. Eventually we’ll see multiple Steam Machines in a range of shapes and sizes and with varying levels of performance. As a beta test though, Valve recently sent […]

Lilbits (12-11-2013): Setting Windows Phone, RT free (for device makers)

It’s hard to compete with free. Google currently dominates the smartphone space by giving away its Android operating system for free to anyone that wants to install it. If Google makes money from Android, it’s largely due to revenue from apps sold in the Play Store and the increased use of Google services by Android […]