Lilbits: Nintendo Switch 4K, Qualcomm’s Switch knockoff, and Intel’s 7nm chips

Rumor has it that Nintendo plans to launch a new version of its popular Switch game console later this year. We’d previously heard that it could have a bigger, better screen and support for 4K video output to an external display. Now Bloomberg reports that Nintendo plans to use a new NVIDIA processor with improved […]

Valve’s Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from any PC, over any (fast) network

Valve’s Steam game client has offered support for in-home game streaming for years. Fire up the Steam app on your gaming PC and you can stream games to any other device connected to the same home network… which comes in handy if you want to play on your laptop, but it’s not nearly as powerful […]

Deals of the Day (8-31-2017)

Want to play your PC games in the living room without, you know, putting your PC in the living room? The Steam Link is a small box that you can plug into your TV and connect to your home network to stream games from your PC to your TV. It has a list price of […]

Steam Machines coming in November, along with $50 Steam Link game streamer

Valve has announced that the first Steam Machines will launch in November. These are gaming computers from companies including Alienware and Falcon Northwett which will run Valve’s Linux-based operating system called Steam OS. The company has also introduced a new device called the Steam Link which will let you stream games over your home network […]