Intel Optane memory M15 promises faster performance

Intel’s Optane memory solutions are basically a small, speedy SSDs that you can use along with a larger hard drive or solid state drive to boost performance of a PC. The newest version is called Intel Optane Memory M15, and according to Intel it’s faster than the previous-gen M10 SSD, but it also consumes less […]

Intel Optane memory H10 SSDs coming to laptops, mini PCs

Intel’s Optane memory technology is super-speedy… and super expensive. So the first few consumer-oriented Optane solutions the company has offered were 16GB to 64GB SSDs designed to be paired with a separate SSD or hard drive. That’s great if you have a computer with plenty of room for multiple storage devices. But what if there’s […]

Toshiba unveils low-latency 3D XL-Flash storage to take on Intel Optane

Intel’s Optane memory is a new type of solid state storage that offers high speeds… and which also comes at a high cost compared to NAND Flash SSDs. So competitors including Samsung and Toshiba figure there’s room to compete by introducing new types of NAND-based storage solutions that are offer high performance by NAND standards, […]

Intel unveils Optane 905p M.2 SSD for smaller spaces

Last month Intel launched the Optane SSD 905P, a solid state drive based on 3D XPoint technology that offered super-fast read and write speeds. At the time it was only available in a PCIe card form factor, which meant that you could use an Intel Optane SSD 905P with a desktop computer, but not in […]

Intel Optane SSD 905P offers super-fast storage (super-pricey too)

Intel’s latest solid state drive featuring 3D Xpoint technology is the company’s fastest yet. The Intel Optane SSD 905P supports sequential read/write speeds up to 2600 MB/s and 2200 MB/s, respectively, and Random 4K read/write speeds of 575,000/550,000 IOPS. Real-world performance will likely be lower, but early benchmarks suggest the new SSD is the fastest […]

Intel launches Optane 800P SSD for mainstream consumers (speedy, pricey storage)

It’s been about a year since Intel launched its first Optane storage for mainstream computers. But the first consumer solid state drives to use 3D Xpoint technology were pretty expensive when you looked at the price-per gigabyte, which is one of the reasons Intel decided to launch low-capacity drives meant to be used alongside a […]