T-Mobile and Sprint merger moves closer after federal judge rules in favor

The four largest wireless carriers in the United States could become three soon. Nearly two years ago T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint, and the merger was approved by the FCC in 2019. But a group of attorneys general from 13 states and Washington DC filed a lawsuit challenging the deal. Today a federal judge […]

Sprint (temporarily) removes biggest pain point for always-connected PCs with free data

Microsoft and its PC-making partners really want “Always Connected PCs” to be a thing. That’s the label Microsoft applies to Windows 10 computers with built-in support for 4G LTE and the ability to receive data even when the system is sleeping. In other words, they’re PCs with smartphone-like features including the ability to receive email […]

Sprint giving away a year of (almost) free service if you bring your own phone

The major US wireless carriers have been competing for customers in interesting ways over the past few years. Unlimited data plans are a thing again. Networks keep speeding up their networks and expanding their coverage maps. And price wars and bonus perks are commonplace. Now Sprint is trying something pretty extraordinary: the company is giving […]

HTC Bolt launches as a $600 Sprint-exclusive smartphone

HTC’s newest phone is kind of like an upgraded version of the HTC 10… in some ways. In others, the HTC Bolt seems like a step back. Launching exclusively on the Sprint network in the US, the new 5.5 inch smartphone is HTC’s first to feature an IP57 water resistance rating and support for Sprint’s […]

Google brings RCS (next-gen SMS) features to Messenger app for Android (Sprint only so far)

Chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Hangouts, and iMessage have largely replaced old-fashioned SMS text messaging for many users. But Google figures there’s still life in SMS… especially if it can gain some of the features that make those other services attractive. So Google has announced that the latest version of its Messenger app for Android […]