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This DIY soap dispenser plays 20-seconds of music while you wash your hands

Health experts advise washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus and COVID-19. And over the last few weeks we’ve seen a bunch of ways to help you get to 20 without counting — you could sing part of a song, recite the introduction to a favorite […]

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Apple and Spotify bring podcasts to Amazon Echo devices (and other Alexa-enabled gadgets)

Amazon’s Echo line of products may have introduced the world to the idea of smart speakers that respond to your voice, answer questions, and play music among other things. But one thing Amazon’s Alexa voice service hasn’t been great at until now is playing podcasts. While you could ask Alexa to play a podcast, by default […]

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Streaming updates: Spotify free comes to Alexa speakers, Sling TV works with Nest Hub

Just a few days after Amazon announced that its free, ad-supported music streaming services was now available on devices other than Echo smart speakers, rival Spotify has announced that its ad-supported music streams are now available on Echo speakers… along with just about anything else that supports the Alexa voice service, including Amazon Fire TV products. It’s […]

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Spotify brings free, custom on-demand playlists to mobile apps

Spotify‘s free, ad-supported app for desktop users offers the ability to listen to any song at any time, as long as you’re willing to listen to ads after every few songs. But the company’s mobile apps for Android and iOS have typically been more restricted: you could shuffle songs in a playlist, but if you […]

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Deals of the Day (4-11-2018)

A subscription to Spotify’s music streaming service typically runs $10 per month. And video streaming service Hulu has plans that start at $8 per month. But now there’s a cheaper option for folks looking to sign up for both at the same time. Spotify is offering a bundle deal that lets you subscribe to both […]

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Spotify and Hulu offers $5 subscription bundle for students

Media streaming companies Hulu and Spotify are launching a new deal aimed at students: you can sign up for both services for just $4.99 per month. That’s actually the same price Spotify was already charging for student subscriptions… but now your $5 gets you access to streaming music and movies and TV shows for half the […]

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Spotify may be planning to launch its own hardware

Music streaming service Spotify offers desktop and mobile apps and support streaming to a range of wireless speakers, TV boxes, cars, in-car systems, and other hardware. But soon Spotify may start to offer its own hardware. Zatz Not Funny blogger Dave Zatz says a “trusted source” indicates that the software company will soon enter the hardware […]