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View multiple instances of the same Android app with Parallel Windows for Nougat

Google Android 7.0 introduces multi-window support, allowing you to see two or more apps on a screen at once. But what if you want to see the same app twice? Parallel Windows for Nougat lets you do that. This free Android app allows you to open two instances of the same app and view them […]

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Jailbreak tweaks bring 3D Touch gestures, Split View to devices that wouldn’t otherwise support them

So you’re thinking about jailbreaking iOS 9, but you’re not sure what you’d actually be able to do with a jailbroken device? Well, if you have an older iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that might not support all of the new features in iOS 9, you can install third-party apps to enable some of those features. […]

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Next iPad mini could have faster CPU, split-screen app support

Apple is bringing support for displaying more than one app at a time to iPad users starting with iOS 9. But the only existing device that fully supports the feature is the iPad Air 2, because no other iPad has a fast enough processor to handle split-screen apps. That could change soon. According to 9to5Mac, there’s evidence […]

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Early signs of multi-window support for iPad apps (video)

Apple’s rumored to be working on support for running two apps side-by-side on an iPad. That’s something you can already do on a Windows tablet, and it’s similar to the multi-window features available for some Android devices from Samsung, LG, and others. But up until now, multitasking on iOS has meant running an app in the background […]

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CineXPlayer for iPad adds split-screen mode (web surf while watching videos)

CineXPlayer was one of the first media players for iOS to support Xvid and other file formats that the default iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch video apps can’t handle. These days media players for iOS are a dime a dozen, but CineXPlayer has added a few new features to help justify its $3.99 price tag. […]