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Lilbits (6-04-2013): Bay Trail tablets, NFC for Chromebooks

Computex 2013 may be all about devices with Intel’s Haswell chips (with a little room for AMD’s latest processors and NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4), but a few device makers are starting to show off products featuring next-generation Atom processors. Intel plans to launch its Atom Bay Trail platform by the end of the year, and […]

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Splashtop adds configurable gamepad, shortcuts to remote desktop app for Android, iOS… for a fee

Splashtop offers apps for iOS and Android that let you remote control a Mac or Windows computer from your phone or tablet. Want to surf the web using the full version of Firefox? Splashtop lets you login to your PC and do that from your iPad. Want to play PC games on your Android phone? […]

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This is what Windows 8 looks like on the HP TouchPad (remote desktop)

Windows 8 will be the first full version of Windows to support ARM-based processors as well as x86 chips. It’s not yet clear what the minimum specifications will be, or if you’ll be able to easily load Windows 8 on an existing ARM-based tablet such as the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM, or HP TouchPad. But […]

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Splashtop Quick Boot operating system now supports a wider range of PCs

Splashtop makes light weight, quick-boot software that you can run alongside Windows or other full-fledged operating systems. The idea is that instead of waiting up to a minute or two for Windows to fully load, you can choose Splashtop at the boot screen and get to a working web browser in as little as 10 […]

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DeviceVM launches Splashtop 2.0 quick boot environment

The folks behind the quick booting Splashtop environment are introducing a major update this week. Splashtop is basically a light weight Linux environment that loads in about 10 seconds on a machine with an Intel Atom processor, allowing you to load a web browser, make a call with Skype, chat on IM, or perform other […]