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Intel, AMD, and ARM weigh in on Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities, discovered by Google’s Project Zero

After news broke a little ahead of schedule about a major security vulnerability affecting most Intel processors released in the past decade, Intel issued a brief statement stating, among other things, that it’s not the only company whose products are affected. Now more details have been released and it looks like Google’s Project Zero security […]

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Intel issues statement on security vulnerability

Intel has confirmed reports that a security vulnerability affecting its processors. In a statement, Intel says the company doesn’t believe the security exploit could be used to modify, delete, or corrupt data… but stealing your passwords and other sensitive information is probably bad enough, which explains why a massive effort is underway to address the […]

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Most PCs and servers are about to get slower thanks to security updates patching major Intel CPU vulnerability

A major security vulnerability affecting all Intel chips released in the past decade has apparently been discovered, and since the chips can’t be updated, developers are getting ready to push out software solutions. The good news is that Microsoft is getting ready to push out a major software update to users, and Linux developers have […]

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Sceptre makes TVs smarter, louder with Android-powered SoundBar SB301524W

There are plenty of cheap Android boxes that let you run apps, surf the web, and stream internet video on a TV. But most tend to use HDMI output for the audio, which means they pretty much use your TV’s speakers for sound. Spectre has another solution: They’ve basically built an Android 4.0 mini PC […]