Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020): How to disable Amazon apps and features

So you’ve installed the Google Play Store on Amazon’s Fire HD 8 (2020) tablet. What’s next? While you can’t yet root the tablet or replace the operating system with a custom ROM, you can disable a bunch of Amazon apps and features. Don’t need the Amazon Appstore, want to disable the Weather, Prime Video, or Kindle […]

Amazon offers discounts on phones with lock screen ads (Moto G4 for $125 and up)

Amazon has been selling Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets with “special offers” for a few years, allowing you to save around $15 on the purchase price in exchange for viewing ads on the lock screen and in a few other places. Now the company is bringing special offers to third-party devices. Amazon is offering deep […]

Amazon’s new tablets feature “special offers” ads on the home screen

Amazon introduced a new line of Kindle Fire tablets today, with starting prices ranging from $159 to $499. But there’s a slight catch. Those are the prices for tablets with “special offers.” Amazon has been using advertising to subsidize the price of its E Ink Kindle eBook readers since last year. But this is the […]