Sony’s wearable neck speaker comes to the US for $250 for some reason

I can’t imagine there’s a huge market for speakers that you hang around your neck… but companies keep producing them, so what do I know? Anyway, now there’s another option in the North American market. Sony’s SRS-WS1 wireless neck speaker is now available in the US after first making a debut in Japan. The wearable speaker […]

Roku’s first wireless speakers are designed for Roku TV

Roku was one of the first big players in the media streaming space and the company’s products are still some of the most popular gadgets for bringing content from Netflix, Amazon, HBO, YouTube, and hundreds of other sources to your TV. Earlier this year the company announced it was expanding its ecosystem to include audio […]

Amazon Echo devices now support multi-room audio

When Amazon launched the 2nd-gen Echo Dot speaker last year, the company offered discounts if you bought a 6-pack or 12-pack. That deal has ended, but you can still save money by picking up a 3-pack from some retailers. The idea is that you could buy a bunch of Amazon’s entry-level smart speakers and put […]

One of Acer’s new tablets has Quantum Dot display, quad speakers

Acer is unveiling two new Android tablets ahead of next week’s Computex trade show in Taiwan. One is designed for productivity thanks to dual micro USB ports, allowing you to charge the tablet while keeping a hard drive, mouse, or other accessory plugged in. The other tablet is designed for multimedia and features a display […]

Intel & Amazon working on Alexa “smart speaker” reference designs

Amazon’s Echo line of internet-connected speakers aren’t the only devices that tap into the company’s Alexa voice service. This year we’ve seen other companies introduce tablets, robots, smartwatches, and portable speakers that use Amazon’s technology to understand and respond to voice commands and questions. Next year we could see even more. Amazon and Intel have announced that […]

Nexus 5X hack gives the phone stereo speakers… kind of

The Nexus 5X smartphone has an amazing camera, decent battery life, a speedy fingerprint scanner, and support for stock Android software delivered straight from Google. But the $379 smartphone doesn’t have all the features available on the more expensive Google Nexus 6P: there’s no support for image stabilization and the cheaper phone has only a […]

Vizio introduces portable “smart audio” systems powered by Android

Vizio is launching a new line of smart audio devices that are basically Android boomboxes with a touchscreen display where you used to find the cassette deck. You can also use the Vizio Portable Smart Audio systems as portable Bluetooth speakers for your phone, tablet, or other device — but what sets these little guys […]

Toshiba NB520 netbook hits Europe, brings along dual core CPU, decent speakers

The Toshiba NB520 netbook is now shipping in the UK and Germany, and the folks at British site TechRadar have posted a short review of the mini-laptop. The netbook’s claim to fame is the build-in harman/kardon speakers, and TechRadar reports they sound surprisingly good — although the speakers are on the palm rest, so you […]