Vivaldi KDE open source Linux tablet gets new hardware, could launch this spring

KDE Plasma Active developer Aaron Seigo has been working to bring a tablet running open source Linux-based software to market for over a year. While the project has hit some roadbumps, Seigo says factory tooling for a new tablet has begun, and the first models could roll off the production line by May. While Seigo […]

Vivaldi KDE Plasma Linux tablet delayed, devs looking at new hardware

The Vivaldi tablet is a project from the KDE development team aimed at introducing a tablet with open source Linux-based software with the KDE Plasma Active user interface. But the project has run into some speed bumps, and now the team is looking for new hardware partners. Developer Aaron Seigo first introduced the project in […]

KDE launches Partner Network for Vivaldi Tablet, other devices

The Vivaldi Tablet is a 7 inch tablet with an ARM-based processor and an open source operating system based on Mer Linux and KDE Plasma Active. It’s expected to ship next month for around €200. The US price hasn’t been announced yet. You can sign up for ordering information at the Make Play Live website, but […]

Spark Linux tablet now available for pre-order

The Spark tablet is a 7 inch tablet designed around an open hardware and software platform. It will ship with open source Linux-based software, but the bootloader will also be unlocked, allowing anyone to customize the tablet with any software they like. KDE developer Aaron Seigo introduced the tablet last month, and now he’s announced […]

Zenithink releases Android 4.0 for most of its tablets

Chinese tablet maker Zenithink is making Google Android 4.0 available for most of the company’s recent 7 and 10 inch tablets. That includes the Zenithink C71 which gained a bit of attention recently when developer Aaron Seigo announced that it would be the basis of the new Spark tablet with KDE Plasma Active Linux software. […]

$265 Spark Linux-based tablet shipping in May (pre-order in Feb)

The Spark is a 7 inch tablet with an open source Linux-based operating system and an open platform for apps, eBooks, and other digital content. One of the developers of the Spark project introduced the tablet last week, and now he’s posted a Q&A with far more details — including launch details. Pre-orders for the Spark tablet […]