Lilbits 6-22-2020: One GX mini laptop will support US 4G LTE wireless networks

The latest mini-laptop from One Netbook is a computer with a 7 inch display, a backlit keyboard, a big exhaust fan in the back, and a set of detachable game controllers that can be connected to the side of the system. The One GX is designed to be a handheld gaming computer, and later this […]

Computer history Museum releases Eudora email client source code

Before email was something you could access on the web, on your phone, or via Outlook, there were a handful or primarily text-based email applications such as Elm and Pine. One of the first popular email utilities to feature a graphical user interface was Eudora, created for Mac computers by Steve Dorner in 1988. Qualcomm […]

Google Android 7.0 source and Nexus factory images released

Google started rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to folks with recent Nexus devices yesterday. Now the company has made factory images, OTA images, and binaries available for those devices. The source code for Android 7.0 is also being uploaded. In plain English, that means if you’ve got a supported device you can download and install […]

Custom ROMs, kernel source released for some MediaTek-powered phones

MediaTek’s processors have proven immensely popular with Chinese smartphone makers in recent years. But phones with those chips haven’t received much love from the folks who develop custom ROMs, kernels, and other altered firmware for Android devices… largely because MediaTek’s habit of failing to release the kernel source code for its chips, as required by […]

Tizen 2.3 Alpha source code released, with support for wearables

The developers of the open source Tizen operating system have released the source code for Tizen 2.3, and it’s not just for smartphones and tablets anymore. Tizen 2.3 includes support for wearable profiles. While Tizen was originally developed as a platform for smartphone and tablets, there are no phones or Tizen tablets shipping yet. That could […]