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Hound voice assistant for iOS, Android launches (exits beta)

Last year SoundHound introduced an early version of a voice assistant app for smartphones that works a bit like Siri or Google Voice Search. It’s called Hound, and it leverages SoundHound’s expertise in audio recognition to provide quick responses to your queries. SoundHound, by the way, was one of the first apps that allowed you […]

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Hound is an Android voice search app on steroids (from makers of SoundHound)

Google’s Voice Search tool for Android lets you ask Google all sorts of questions: you can check the time, weather forecast, movie showtimes, and more. But the makers of the SoundHound app (which uses audio recognition to tell you what song is playing nearby) think there’s room for a voice search app that can do […]

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Lilbits (8-01-2014): You are now free to unlock your smartphone (kinda)

Want to unlock your smartphone so you can use it on a different wireless network, but worried that a SWAT team will kick down your door the instant you complete the task? No worries… it’s legal to unlock your phone in the United States again. Last week Congress passed a bill that would make cellphone […]