Are “hearables” and smart clothing the next big things in wearable tech?

Smartwatches and fitness trackers may currently dominate the wearable tech space. But there’s a reason we call them “wearables” and not wrist-worn gadgets: the space also includes heads-up displays like Google Glass and smart headphone gadgets like the Moto Hint and Sony Xperia Ear. And researchers at IDC think so-called “hearables” represent a growth opportunity […]

Sony Xperia Ear hands-free wireless earbud coming in November

Sony’s Xperia Ear is a Bluetooth earbud that lets you control your smartphone without touching it. Place the Xperia Ear in your… ear, and you can hear audio from your phone, or use voice controls to make calls, interact with Google Voice Search, Sony’s Xperia software, or other voice activated software. Sony first introduced the […]

Sony unveils its answer to the Moto Hint, Amazon Echo, and Narrative Clip

Sony is showing off two new products and several new concepts for smart devices that… look kind of familiar. For example, the one product Sony says it already plans to release is the Xperia Ear. It’s a Bluetooth device that you place in one ear not only to take and make phone calls, but to get […]