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Sony to introduce mini-laptops with AMD chips

Sony has long been a reluctant player in the netbook space. A few years ago when everybody and their kid brother had already brought 7 to 10 inch netbooks with sub-$400 price tags and Intel Atom chips to market, Sony took a different path and introduced the $1000 Sony Vaio P mini-laptop with a super-high […]

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Sony Vaio W Billabong edition surfing to US shores

Last week we heard that Sony was launching a special edition Vaio W netbook with a Billabong design. Billabong is an Australian company that designs gear for surfers and skateboarders, and last I’d heard the netbook would only be available in Australia. But it turns out Sony has decided to offer the distinctive looking mini-laptop […]

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Sony netbook with 3G capabilities passes through the FCC

The folks at Wireless Goodness spotted FCC listings for two new Sony netbooks last night. There’s not much information about the PCG-51311L or PCG-51411L at this point, but the drawing of the laptop’s underside makes it look an awful lot lke a netbook — or a notebook with an enormous battery. Wireless Goodness also notes […]

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Sony’s budget (or at least cheaper) netbook now available in the US

Several US retailers have started to stock the latest mini-laptop from Sony. In Europe, the new model is called the Sony Vaio M, while in the US it appears to be part of the Sony Vaio W series…with a not-so-easy-to-remember model number: Sony VPCM111AX/W. Fortunately you don’t really have to remember the model number. there […]

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Sony Vaio W netbook receives an eco-friendly update

The Sony Vaio W has never been one of the cheapest netbooks. Initially launched with a $499 price tag and a 1366 x 768 pixel HD display, Sony was clearly trying to set the Vaio W apart from the crowd. Now the company has found a new way to do it, by introducing the Sony […]