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Lilbits (5-13-2013) Toshiba Kirabook, Xiaomi laptop, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The Toshiba Kirabook is the first Windows ultrabook to feature a display that rivals the ones found on the MacBook Pro with Retina and Google Chromebook Pixel. But according to one of the first reviews of the Kirabook, that screen might be a mixed blessing on a Windows laptop. Here are some of the day’s […]

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Sony to introduce mini-laptops with AMD chips

Sony has long been a reluctant player in the netbook space. A few years ago when everybody and their kid brother had already brought 7 to 10 inch netbooks with sub-$400 price tags and Intel Atom chips to market, Sony took a different path and introduced the $1000 Sony Vaio P mini-laptop with a super-high […]

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Next-gen Sony Vaio P now shipping in the US

Got $900 burning a hole in your pocket and don’t know what to spend it on? You could buy two or three netbooks, a used car (that doesn’t drive in reverse), or donate to charity. Or you could pick up a tiny mini-laptop from Sony, because the latest version of the Sony Vaio P is […]

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Shenzhen Anson introduces tiny Aoson R169 netbook

Tired of netbooks that have too much space around the keyboards? The Aoson R169 from China’s Shenzhen Anson doesn’t have that problem. The netbook’s case is barely any bigger than the keyboard, providing just enough room for two touchpad buttons below the spacebar. Instead of a trackpad, there’s a Thinkpad-esque pointing stick in the middle […]