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Before the Surface Laptop Studio: A brief history of notebooks easel-like hinges and pull-forward displays

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Studio is an unusual-looking convertible notebook. Sure, you can use it as a laptop or tablet, but its display doesn’t rotate 360 degrees until it’s behind the keyboard. Instead you pull the screen forward. Pull part way and you’ve got an easel that you can use to create digital artwork. Keep pulling […]

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Sony’s 2013 Tap PC, Flip PC tablets and ultrabooks now available

Sony’s latest tablet and convertible PCs are now available in the US. The company’s Sony Vaio Flip PC convertibles are laptops that bend over backward to become tablets (just flip the screen over and rest it on top of the keyboard), while the Vaio Tap 11 is Sony’s answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro — […]

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Sony Vaio Flip PC laptops bend over backward to become tablets

Sony is introducing a new line of convertible tablets under the Sony Vaio Flip brand. Sporting 13, 14, and 15.5 inch displays, the computers look like notebooks at first glance, but thanks to an unusual design you can flip the screen so that it’s facing outward for use in tablet mode when you close the […]