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Not all smartwatch makers are sold on Android Wear

Google’s Android Wear platform has attracted a lot of potential smartwatch makers. Motorola and LG are already planning to launch Android Wear devices in the first half of 2014. And Google says it’s also working with Asus, HTC, LG, Samsung, and others. But while Android Wear looks like a slick operating system for wearable devices, […]

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Sony SmartWatch 2 coming in September, pairs with your Android phone

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 will hit the streets in September, giving you a new way to interact with your mobile phone without pulling your phone out of the pocket. It’s a wristwatch with a 1.3 inch capacitive touchscreen display which you can use to tell the time, manage phone calls, read email messages, and more. Word […]

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Sony hopes to spur SmartWatch innovation by giving developers firmware access

As smartwatches go, Sony’s entrant into the category isn’t exactly a leading light. That’s not from lack of trying — ever since launch Sony has supported the watch by releasing Android apps to work with it and extend functionality. The biggest problem I have with the device is that it doesn’t work independently of a […]

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Sony Smartwatch dissected, found not very hacker-friendly

The Sony SmartWatch is a nifty $150 device that you can wear around your wrist and use as a companion for an Android smartphone. It pairs with your phone wirelessly and lets you access Twitter, email, music, weather, and other functions from your wrist. But when hacker Chris Wade took one apart he found it […]

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Deals of the Day (4-13-2012)

The Sony SmartWatch is a wrist-bound mini computer with a 1.3 inch OLED display. You can pair it with an Android phone to check your email, control music playback, access text messages or social media updates, or perform other actions without taking your phone out of your pocket. Sony just launched the SmartWatch in the […]