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Sony adds color E Ink display to its new 10.3 inch DPT-CP1 Digital Paper tablet

Sony has been selling a line of Digital Paper tablets with large E Ink displays for much of the past decade. Now the company is jumping on the latest trend in E Ink devices: color. According to a report from Good e-Reader, the new Sony DPT-CP1 v2 is an upgraded version of a 10.3 inch grayscale device Sony […]

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Sony launches 10.3 inch E Ink “Digital Paper” tablet with stylus

Sony has been selling 13.3 inch tablets with E Ink displays and pen input as part of its “Digital Paper” line for the past few years, and now the company has a new, smaller model. While previous Sony Digital Paper devices have had 13.3 inch displays, making the about the size of an A4 sheet […]

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Sony DPT-CP1 Digital Paper device with E Ink display coming soon?

Since Amazon discontinued its Kindle DX line of devices, most eReaders with E Ink displays come with 6 or 7 inch screens. And then there’s the Sony Digital Paper line of products, which have 13 inch E Ink displays and support for pen input. It’s probably unfair to call them eReaders, since they’re really much […]

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Sony 13 inch Digital Paper E Ink slate coming to America… for $1100

Sony introduced a 13 inch slate for reading and writing on documents last year. The company calls it Digital Paper, and it’s kind of a Kindle on crack with a big high-resolution, high-contrast display and a pen for taking notes or scribbling doodles. Now a US distributor has announced it’ll begin selling Sony’s Digital Paper […]

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Sony unveils a 13 inch flexible E Ink writing tablet

Sony’s been offering devices with E Ink displays for just about as long as anybody. But most of the company’s efforts have been funneled into the Sony Reader line of consumer-oriented eReaders with 6 inch displays and a focus on reading. Now Sony is going after the education and business markets with a larger E […]