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Google Play music guesses what you want to hear, puts it front and center

Google is rolling out an update to Play Music, which the company says will use machine learning to suggest appropriate playlists depending on the time, weather, location, or other conditions. Basically, google says it’ll be able to figure out what music you like to hear, when you like to hear it, and put suggested playlists on […]

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Songza shuts down in January, tech lives on in Google Play Music

Google is pulling the plug on music streaming service Songza on January 31st, 2016… sort of. Songza offers a wide range of unusual playlists based on genre, mood, decade, activities, or other features. Not sure what you want to hear? There’s a concierge that offers suggestions based on the time of day, time of year, […]

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Google Play Music launches free radio streaming (with ads)

Google is rolling out an update to its online music streaming service that brings free, ad-supported internet radio stations to Google Play Music. If you want access to on-demand streaming of any song or album available on the service you’ll still need to pay $10 per month for a subscription. But you can now access […]

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Google Play Music gets Songza-like curated playlists

Google acquired music streaming service Songza this summer, and now the company is starting to bring Songza-style features to Google Play Music. Starting today Google is rolling out an update to Play Music that will let you stream curated playlists… assuming you’re paying $9.99 per month for a Google Play Music subscription. There’s still a separate […]

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Google acquires Songza to bring better playlists to Google Play Music

Good news for fans of Google Play Music: Google has announced that it’s acquiring Songza, a music streaming company that specializes in curated playlists. Hopefully this is good news for Songza too, since the startup now has access to Google-sized resources. But Google has a habit of shutting down products from the companies it acquires […]

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Lilbits (6-06-2014): Will Google buy Songza?

Songza is a music streaming service which specializes in curated playlists with names like “A Michael Jackson Dance Party,” “Easygoing Alt-Country,” “Indie Sellouts,” and “Songs to Raise Your Kids To.” Fire up the Songza website or the the company’s apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Windows 8.1 and you’re greeted with a list of […]