SolidRun CuBox-M is a 2 inch i.MX8M mini PC with Android and Linux support

SolidRun’s new CuBox-M is a tiny computer stuffed into a cube-shaped box that measures 2″ x 2″ x 2″. The little is powered by either a dual-core or quad-core NXP i.MX8M ARM Cortex-A53 processor, features support for AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, and support for Android or Linux. The CuBox-M has a starting price […]

SolidRun’s single board computers with Intel Braswell chips now available for $117 and up

SolidRun has been making small, low-power computer products for a few years, but up until recently most of the company’s products have been powered by ARM processors. Earlier this year SolidRun introduced new models with Intel Braswell processors, and now they’re available for purchase for $117 and up. The company’s Braswell microSOM is basicall a computer-on-a […]

Build your own router with SolidRun $90 ClearFog Base single board computer

SolidRun is expanding its ClearFog line of products with a new single board computer (SBC) designed to let manufacturers or hobbyists build a router or other networking products. The company launched a $170 ClearFog Pro last year. Now there’s a new ClearFog Base which is both smaller and cheaper: it measures 4″ x 3″ and […]

SolidPC Q4 Intel Braswell-powered PC board up for pre-order for $100 and up

SolidRun recently unveiled a tiny computer with an Intel Braswell processor. Now it’s available for pre-order for $100 and up. The SolidPC Q4 will eventually be available with a choice of an Intel Atom x5-E8000 or Intel Pentium N3700 processor and up to 8GB of RAM, although only the Atom version is available at launch. Other features include HDMI and […]

SolidRun’s latest tiny PC is an Intel Braswell-powered system-on-a-module

SolidRun offers a line of tiny, low-power computers and development boards including the CuBox and HummingBoard. Up until now, most of the company’s products have featured ARM-based chips from Freescale and Marvell. But now SolidRun has unveiled its first products to feature an Intel processor. The SolidRun Braswell SOM is a basically a little computer with an […]

SolidRun ClearFog dev board has Marvell Armada A38x chip, 6-port Ethernet switch

SolidRun’s latest development board looks like something you’d use to make an internet router… and I suppose that’s one of the things you could use it for. The ClearFrog Pro is a single-board computer with a Marvell Armada A380/A388 processor, 256MB to 1GB of RAM and an optional SD card for storage. It also has […]

HummingBoard Gate: Tiny PC supports 150+ add-ons

SolidRun’s HummingBoard Gate is a single-board computer with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, a starting price of $50, and support for more than 150 add-ons that let you attach a motor, clock, sensor, wireless card, or other hardware directly to the board. Like other members of the HummingBoard family, the HummingBoard Gate has a Freescale i.MX6 processor, four […]

Lilbits (8-20-2014): Intel partners with Unity to court Android game developers

While most Android phones, tablets, and other devices are powered by ARM-based processors, there are a growing number of Android devices with Intel inside. After reviewing a few recent tablets with Intel Atom Bay Trail chips, I’m convinced that Intel has largely caught up with ARM in the mobile space: tablets like the Asus MeMO […]