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SolarKindle case for the Kindle Touch coming April 15th

The SolarKindle is a case for Kindle eBook readers which features a solar-panel and battery for charging your eReader, as well as a solar-powered booklight. Solar Focus started shipping a SolarKindle case for the Kindle 4 in February. Now the company is taking pre-orders for a SolarKindle for the Kindle Touch. It’s expected to start […]

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Hands-on with the SolarKindle solar-powered Kindle case (video)

The SolarKindle is a solar-powered case for Amazon Kindle readers. Sure, most cases don’t actually need power, but this one has a built-in battery which you can use to charge your eReader — even when there’s no sunlight around. SolarFocus announced the product this week and plans to start shipping it around January 15th for $79.99. […]

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SolarKindle case charges your eReader… with sunlight

There are two really cool thinks about eBook Readers with E Ink displays. First, their high contrast displays are easily readable outdoors in direct sunlight. Second, they use so little power that they can run for weeks, or even months at a time without charging. A company called SolarFocus has decided to make the most […]