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JBL’s solar-powered Reflect Eternal wireless headphones may never need to be plugged in (crowdfunding)

One of the nice things about old-school wired headphones is that they don’t have batteries that need charging. Wireless headphones, on the other hand (or head, I guess), have a nasty habit of not working at all once they run out of juice — which can be annoying if you’re out and about and don’t […]

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Green Google: company to run solely on renewable energy in 2017

Google is already a major buyer of renewable electricity from sources including wind and solar facilities. In 2017 the company says all of its operations will be fueled by renewable energy thanks to deals to purchase 2.6 gigawatts of wind an solar energy. That means Google’s data centers, offices, and other facilities will be running on renewable energy. […]

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Microsoft Research unveils E Ink sticky notes powered by office lighting

E Ink displays don’t require a lot of power, which is why devices like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK eReaders can run for weeks at a time with relatively tiny batteries. But a team of folks from Microsoft Research have developed a prototype for an E Ink device that you never have […]

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Bookeen Cybook Ocean eReader gets optional Solar Leaf Cover

It’s been about a year and a half since Bookeen announced it was working on an eBook reader with a solar panel. Now it’s finally available. Sort of. None of the company’s eReaders actually have a built-in solar panel. But now you can buy a €60 solar cover for the Bookeen Cybook Ocean eReader. Attach the cover […]

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Kyocera demonstrates solar-powered smartphone prototype

Some companies are busy stuffing big batteries in smartphones and tablets, to help them run longer. Others are making it easy to quickly charge the battery so you don’t have to spend much time plugged in. Japanese electronics company Kyocera has another idea: solar-powered phones. At Mobile World Congress this week, Kyocera is showing off […]

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Bookeen to launch solar-powered eReader in 2016

Bookeen offers a range of eBook readers including models with big screens, small screens, and optionally front-lit displays. Next year the company plans to launch something new though: an eBook reader with a built-in solar panel that lets you recharge the battery just by leaving the eReader in a well-lit area. Bookeen and SunPartner are working together […]

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Tommy Hilfiger’s solar jackets can charge your phone (for $599)

Smartphones never seem to get enough battery life… and sure, you can lug around a spare battery pack in case you run out of juice. But you can also generate some spare power while you’re on the go thanks to backpacks and other accessories with built-in solar panels. Now Tommy Hilfiger is getting in on the solar […]

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EnerPlex offers solar cases to (slowly) charge your Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S

You’re on a camping trip. Your phone is dead, but you need to make a call. If you’ve got an EnerPlex case (and some sunlight), all you need is a little patience. The company offers a line of solar-powered smartphone cases for the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. Stick your phone in the sun […]

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Lilbits (9-27-2013): Reading eBooks during takeoff and landing

Tired of turning off all your gadgets while waiting for airplanes to takeoff — even gadgets that have virtually no wireless connectivity? It looks like you might be able to keep your using your Kindle or NOOK during takeoff and landing soon. This cannot be good news for SkyMall. Here’s a roundup of tech news […]

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WeWi’s $300-ish SOL Laptop is powered by the sun, Ubuntu, and Intel Atom

Tired of lugging around a charger for your laptop? Canadian company WeWi telecommunications is promising to deliver a laptop with its own built-in power source: a series of solar panels that fold you can unfold to recharge the battery or directly power the computer. The SOL Laptop is a rugged laptop designed for use in […]